What are 6 Things to do in Cappadocia?

Cappadocia, which is located within the borders of Nevşehir, presents an enchanting geography because of the fact that lava and ashes were erupted by Erciyes, Hasandağı, and Güllüdağ with abrasion from rain and wind for centuries. Cappadocia is also in the UNESCO’s World Heritage list. (Check: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Heritage_site)

It is a different place that you cannot witness anywhere else in the world. it cannot be compared with the minimal European cities that smell of history, the seaside towns, and the big metropolises where the skyscrapers rise. In every corner of Cappadocia, it is possible to see how nature can make itself a piece of art. There are fairy chimneys that can be seen everywhere, boulders that have become the settlement place of the native population, valleys, underground cities, castles, open-air museums. In brief, places for visiting in Cappadocia both underground and on the ground are countless.

Cappadocia Tours

In the circumstances, each corner is counted as a place to be seen in Cappadocia in fact. If you want to get the best travel in Cappadocia and want to enjoy fully with this interesting geography, 6 things to do list in Cappadocia will be the perfect guide for you.

Which time of day you will be in a valley? Where do you enter the underground city? Where do you prefer hiking? Where you can find many activities of local people and join them. Our article will show you the place that where you should in time.

Watch the Sunset and Balloons in Lovers’ Hill

Lover’ Hill is located in the center of Goreme. The real name of this place is Aydin Kırağı, but it is also called Lovers’ Hill and Sunset Point over time. Going by foot can be a little challenging, but it is possible. If you go with your own vehicle, you can enjoy your car by parking against the view. You have a different view of the hill from every direction. On one side you can see Goreme’s view and on the other side you can see an amazing valley view.

Cappadocia Ballooning 1

In fact, the view of Lovers’ Hill is worth seeing every hour of the day, but if you come to the sunrise where the sky is decorated with hot-air balloons, Lovers’ Hill will be a sight you will never forget in your life. That is why if you ask what is going on in Cappadocia for this reason; you will surely hear the answer of watching the sunrise at Lovers’ Hill. If you have any question in your mind about the hot air balloon tours in Cappadocia: https://toursce.com/blog/how-to-make-a-cappadocia-hot-air-balloon-tour/

Watching the balloons is not as easy as the old ones because of the recent mischance. It should not be the slightest wind in the air. You can follow http://shm.kapadokya.edu.tr to find out if the balloons will come up. There is official information updated from the Cappadocia Vocational School at certain times of the day. You can see three different situations: Not Flying, Pending, and Flying. My recommendation is to set an alarm and check again around 05.30 in the morning and before sleep.

Discover Underground Cities

When we say 6 things to do in Cappadocia, we cannot be restricted only by the ground because the beauty of Cappadocia on the ground as well as its underground beauty is magnificent. There are 36 different underground cities in different parts of Cappadocia. The most famous and the greatest ones are Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı.

There are so many places to visit in Cappadocia. If you want to check them you know where to go 🙂 https://toursce.com/blog/places-to-visit-in-cappadocia/

When you go on Nevşehir-Niğde highway, Kaymaklı underground city is seen after 21 km, and Derinkuyu Underground is seen after 30 kilometers. It is unknown exactly when these cities started to be built. However, it is believed that the earliest history is based on the Assyrian colonies, and later expanded by the Christians who settled in the second century by escaping from the oppression of the Roman Empire.

Cappadocia Underground City

When you enter into the underground cities you see more of what you expect. You can go beyond four layers in Kaymaklı and eight layers in Derinkuyu. There are hundreds of rooms in these cities where soft tuff rocks are carved. There is everything such as bedrooms, dining halls, wine cellars, sanctuary. These rooms are tied to each other, narrow enough for passing.

Two more things need to be mentioned about Cappadocia underground cities. First, these cities are the places where they must be seen in Cappodacia, but if you are fearful of closed and narrow areas, it will not be very suitable for you. The lighting inside is pretty good indeed, but as you move downwards, there are places where passages are quite narrow and ceilings are lowered. If you want to see even though you are afraid, I think Derinkuyu’s first parts are larger and more spacious, you can choose here. Secondly, the bottom of the place is quite cold, so do not forget to get something on it.

Firstly Trekking Later Having a Picnic in Ihlara Valley

Ihlara Valley is within the borders of the province of Aksaray but one of the first places to see in Cappadocia. It is located approximately 80 kilometers from Nevsehir, the best way of transportation is the personal vehicle. If you do not have such a chance, you can also go with the buses of tour companies. As a recommendation, you will go with your personal vehicle, visit the Kaymakli Underground City and Derinkuyu Underground City, which start early in the day and begin with the day before on the road, and then continue to the Ihlara Valley. The journey may seem a little long, but the spectacular skylines of Hasandag and Erciyes will make you forget time.

Cappadocia day Tours

What if in the Ihlara Valley, the world’s second largest canyon? If you like nature hikes, you have exactly 14 kilometers to walk. The depth of the Melendiz Stream passing through in the middle reaches 100 meters depth sometimes. It will be both pleasant and fascinating. Historical churches built into the rocks attract everyone. Kırkdamaltı (Aya Yorgi) Church, Sümbüllü Church, Ağaltaltı Church, Yılanlı Church are only a few. Of course, it is important to remember that walking all 14 kilometers and visiting all the churches requires both strength and time. Remember that if you have such an intention, you will have to pay for the whole day.

You only have to consider that you have to get about 380 stairs to get into the valley. So you have guessed that a very tiring ride is waiting for you. Bring your food and drink into your backpack and have a picnic in the Ihlara Valley to give up this tiredness. You will set a table next to the Melendiz Brook and your picnic table will be as perfect as to be one of the most beautiful picnics of your life.

Watch the Sunset in Kızılcukur Valley

Cappadocia Day Tours 1

Kızılcukur Valley is located about 3 kilometers from the center of Goreme. It is one of the most impressive and different places of Cappadocia. The reason why the difference of the valley and the sunset is so enchanting is the cream-yellow-colored tuff-rock formations which are found in almost every part of the geography called Cappadocia, and this is due to the redness of the valley.

As the sun sets and the sky is getting red, the color of the red rock formations become more apparent with the sun’s lights and formally become a whole with the sky. The moment when the sun disappears from behind the endless valley is overwhelmingly impressive. The sunset is so beautiful, as it is officially a painting, among the 6 things to do in Cappadocia, you must put into the list the Kızılçukur Valley. At the beginning to the valley, you will find a café where you can sit in chairs or cushions against the scenery, so it is much more enjoyable to walk through the rocks and watch the scenery from the edges of the canyon.

It is also possible to walk in the Kızılçukur Valley. There is a hiking trail in the valley. If you want to see more of the red tuff-rock formations and explore the inner churches, you can add that to your plan.

Join to Traditions of Local People in Avanos

In Cappadocia, pottery comes to mind as to what needs to be done. As for making pottery, Avanos comes to mind where is located on both sides of Kızılırmak. There are many pottery workshops where red colored muds are used from the source of Kızılırmak in the city. According to the story we have heard from Avanos, the tradition of pottery has been in Avanos for centuries. Especially for men, has become an indispensable skill or even an occasion. The master who is the owner of the workshop explained to us this situation as “the woman who does not know how to use needle-thread around us does not become a bride, the man who does not know how to make the pot does not the groom.” Even so, both men and women have been put to the test by putting mud in front of the man, needle-thread in front of the woman for these talents.


These workshops have been artists who have trained this tradition for centuries. So to say making a show with this mud, they attract you. Later, they give you the opportunity to make your own pottery. They are helping you to do what is best in your hand, but you realize that it is so difficult when your own hand touches the muds, which does not seem very difficult to watch.

In addition, the natural wines of Avanos’ own local produce are delicious with more. If wines are offered in a workshop, do not forget to try it, even if you are not very close to the wine. In short, before you return during your trip to Cappadocia, be sure to join the traditions of indigenous people in Avanos.

Explore the Indigenous Places in Cappadocia

In fact, every corner of Cappadocia is covered with tuff-rock formations, fairy chimneys and rocks of various shapes. However, there are three main places you can choose to explore these geographical features: Zelve Open Air Museum, Goreme Open Air Museum and Paşabağ Valley. Do you want to visit Cappadocia with the best tour guide? Go to ToursCE !

Göreme Open Air Museum is one of the most touristic places of Cappadocia at the same time as the rock settlement areas. It is possible to find all kinds of living spaces that you can think of in short, from the old settlements to the churches, the chapels, to the dining rooms, to the bedrooms. The numerous of the churches in Cappadocia were found in Göreme Open Air Museum. Therefore, it made religion an important place.


The Zelve Open Air Museum (Also check Zelve Monastery: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zelve_Monastery)is a fascinating place constitute with three union valleys. It is the oldest and longest used rock settlement in the Cappadocia region. It is also an important point that Christianity is a spreading point. If you want to explore the whole region, do not forget to spend plenty of time and be prepared for clothes and food-beverage. Because when you move towards the second and third valleys, you have to climb somewhere and use tunnels in places. In the rocks, there are mosques, churches, wine cellars and many other buildings.

Pasabag Valley is the place where those who wonder where the famous fairy chimney is supposed to turn the route. There are many fairy chimneys in different shapes, small in size. Especially if you see the first Three Beauties and later on come to Pasabag Valley, we can say that how fascinating the fairy chimneys are actually coming down like a rock.