Anatolia is a fascinating piece of land that has the most stories of the world and has been a settlement throughout history. Anatolia located between mountains and peaks, on lowland and coast, and it has remarkable villages with their fascinating stories, and many of these villages are plain and calm. When you try to learn everything about it, each one tells you stories.

The Best 10 Villages in Turkey

Mustafapaşa Village, Cappadocia

Mustafapasa VillageMustafapaşa Village is only 5 km away from Urgup, and it, also known as Sinasos, was a place where Turks and Orthodox Greeks lived together until 1924. It is one of the best examples of Cappadocian doctrine. It has witnessed the cartel, which is the important event of recent Anatolian history.

Mustafapaşa Village is a place where the people who migrated from Thessalonica and one of the least damaged places in Cappadocia, it has a church and a mosque and fairy chimneys right next to it.

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Harran, Urfa

Harran VillageHarran located 44 km southeast of Şanlıurfa, and especially the architecture of their homes is rare place in the world. Harran means the intersecting roads in the Sumerian language. It was an important center of paganism, in which the celestial bodies were sacred during the Assyrian and Babylonian periods.

Harran’ın sembolü konik kubbeli evler, İtalya’nın Puglia Bölgesindeki trulli evlerine ilham olduğu söyleniyor. Şehir surları, Emevi döneminden kalan iç kale, Anadolu’nun ilk camilerinden Ulu Cami kalıntıları ve kutsal kuyu görülecek yerlerden bazıları.

Savaşan, Halfeti

Savasan VillageThe houses with nice views of the Euphrates River and with beautiful stone are empty today. The Savaşan countrymen have moved to the new villages built. It located 120 km away from Şanlıurfa, and 50 km away from Gaziantep.

Yanıklar Village, Fethiye

Yaniklar VillageYanıklar Village is 15 km away from Fethiye. It has a lot of birds lodging area, rapids, incense trees which are indigenous to Muğla, and citrus trees, so Karaot Akgöl is a natural paradise with its surroundings.

Yaniklar Village, Fethiye, located between Göcek and Fethiye, 45 km away from Dalaman Airport. On the one hand, the Mediterranean Sea and its beaches, on the other hand, citrus gardens and verdant mountains are like a pastoral painting.

Lübbey Village, Ödemiş

Lubbey VillageLübbey, about 30 years ago, was emptied by emigration. It’s an Aegean village that has almost turned into a ghost city. Today, the number of people who live permanently in the village is not even 10. It is a village, which is in the Little Meander Basin, at the foothill of Bozdag, five hundred meters in height. These houses are trying to exist with most destroyed homes and the last residents who did not leave them.

Çamlıbel Village, Edremit

Camlibel VillageÇamlıbel Village is a village connected to Balikesir Edremit with a magnificent view next to Mount Ida. It is the village of the master artist Tuncel Kurtiz, surrounded by olive trees. The villagers have moved slope in the past due to the attacks of pirates. Once the place, was named Tahtaköy, took the new name.

After the Greeks migration, the people from Mytilene, Crete, and Thesselonica settled here. The geography of the region is one of the places that has the cleanest air of the country with its beautiful nature, rich vegetation cover. There are waterfalls, rivers, valleys, national parks in its surroundings, and gulfs and beaches in the opposite.

Yörük Village, Safranbolu

Yoruk VillageSafranbolu in the UNESCO World Heritage List is one of the most special places in our country. Safranbolu is not only a place to discover with its beautiful houses but with many riches. One of them is the Yörük Village preserved its centuries-old doctrine, located 20 km east of Safranbolu.

It is one of the most beautiful villages in Turkey with narrow streets, oriel houses, gardens surrounded by hedges, the restored house for me. There are 140 houses and almost 240 people living in 62 houses that have never left.

Birgi, Ödemiş

Birgi VillageBirgi, a village of Ödemiş, is 110 km away from İzmir. It seems as if hidden in very green geography on the fresh slopes of Bozdağ. It is like an open-air museum with its stone-walled, the Turkish style, and wooden-windowed houses that can seem between the age-old plane trees and pine trees.

Birgi was the capital of the Turkmen Emirate founded in 1308 by Aydınoğlu Mehmet Bey. It is a village worth to see with its old mansions, which are handled by master craftsmen, madrasahs, shrine, and mosques. Here is an amazing itinerary:

Kayaköy, Fethiye

Kayakoy VillageKayaköy with its history dating back to 30000 BC is an impressive place with its architectural structure, narrow streets, churches, and nature. It is an old Greek village with stone houses lined up along the slope. When the villagers emigrated to Greece with the exchange, Turkish families from western Thrace got settled, but they did not get used to the village houses and moved to the plains.

It was an abandoned, no-life sign when I visited years ago. The village, which has started to become busy nowadays, had a population of 25,000, and it is said to be a place that even publishes hometown newspapers. To go to Kayaköy, you should go to Ölüdeniz from Fethiye, and follow the Karymlassos sign when you come to Hisarönü.

Old Datca, Mugla

Old Datca VillageOld Datca is one of the first places to be remembered when the Mediterranean Village is called. The stone houses decorated by the bougain village trees, the beautiful streets and peaceful air are the places to be explored. Even if it has a small square and a few streets, there is an atmosphere that cannot be given up. The old houses in the place identified with the poet Can Yücel, whose name we love, are slowly being restored by their new owners. It is slowly developing towards becoming Alacatı of future. Hopefully, vacationers will not damage this beautiful place in the future. Accommodation advise in Datca: Villa Asina.

Some of the villages were removed from the village statue and most of them have been towns or neighborhoods. Never mind, these are the villages in my sight. There are many beautiful villages that you need to add to the list; Adrasan, Gölyazı, Şirince, Doğanbey, Adatepe, Mordoğan, Eskihisar, Bademli, Yeşilyurt, Kapıkırı, Faralya, Uzuncaburç, Kozbeyli, Dalyanköy, Akyaka, Tahtakuşlar, Cumalıkızık, Taraklı, Uzungöl, Tirilye and hundreds of them.