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Travel in Turkey By Bus

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You can book your bus tickets with us. When you arrive in Sultanahmet Istanbul you can issue the ticket / tickets at the our office in Sultanahmet and you can get the service front of the office.


Turkey Bus Ticket Detinations

Travel in Turkey By Bus

Istanbul - Canakkale (Gallipoli)6 Hours

25 Euro

Istanbul - Cappadocia11 Hours30 Euro
Istanbul - Ephesus11 Hours30 EuroIstanbul - Kusadasi12 Hours31 Euro
Istanbul - Bodrum14 Hours40 EuroIstanbul - Marmaris14 Hours45 Euro
Istanbul - Pamukkale11 Hours40 EuroIstanbul - Izmir10 Hours29 Euro
Istanbul - Fethiye15 Hours45 EuroIstanbul - Antalya11 Hours32 Euro
Istanbul - Olimpos15 Hours44 EuroIstanbul - Selcuk11 Hours30 Euro
Cappadocia - Antalya10 Hours30 EuroCappadocia - Pamukkale10 Hours29 Euro
Cappadocia - Olimpos13 Hours33 EuroCappadocia - Selcuk12 Hours38 Euro
Cappadocia - Kusadasi13 Hours40 EuroCappadocia - Istanbul11 Hours30 Euro
Cappadocia - Canakkale14 Hours46 EuroCappadocia - Fethiye14 Hours47 Euro
Selcuk - Cappadocia13 Hours38 EuroSelcuk - Istanbul11 Hours30 Euro
Selcuk - Antalya8 Hours28 EuroSelcuk - Fethiye5 Hours26 Euro
Selcuk - Canakkale (Gallipoli)8 Hours33 EuroSelcuk - Marmaris4 Hours26 Euro
Pamukkale - Istanbul11 Hours39 EuroPamukkale - Cappadocia10 Hours29 Euro
Pamukkale - Ephesus3 Hours25 EuroPamukkale - Fethiye4 Hours26 Euro
Canakkale (Gallipoli) - Istanbul6 Hours25 EuroCanakkale - Fethiye12 Hours45 Euro
Gallipoli - Selcuk8 Hours33 EuroCanakkale - Pamukkale9 Hours37 Euro
Gallipoli - Cappadocia14 Hours46 EuroCanakkale - Antalya4 Hours26 Euro

If you need hotel and day tours in these destinations please inform us your time, budget & interests.

Bus Information;
Generally you need to pick your ticket up latest 24 hours before the trip. You could get your ticket from New Deal Travel Agency in Sultanahmet - Istanbul.  We are an e-mail away.

When you get your ticket, you should ask the exact departure time and location of the bus, If branch office transportation to the "Otogar" is available and what time. You also should ask for the locations where you could get out when you arrive as buses do have some stations located in different parts of the city. Many companies do also offer free transportation from the "Otogar" to town centers on arrival.

You should be ready at least 15 minutes before the departure. Your luggage is placed in the bottom of the vehicle after a security check and you would get a number also stated on you luggage. After, just place your self to the number of seat assigned mentioned on your ticket for you and place your hand luggage or coat on the top of your seat.

Some companies do have TV's or walkmans offering movie or music service during the drive. If your trip is a night trip the lights switched off as many people do prefer to sleep. You may use your seat light in case you prefer to read your book or magazine.

When the bus stops for the refreshment, toilet or meal stop, you should be sure of the departure time so that you do not miss your bus. They would wait a little but would not make any announcements. During the refreshment stops you either could have a cup of Turkish tea or something to eat. Most stopped restaurants are self service that enables you to check the possibilities. You should have some change Turkish money for the restrooms as they are nearly all paid ones . An average toilet would cost you about 75 cents (1.00 TL).

Every bus depending on the duration does have two drivers, and a hostess (mostly man, rarely woman) which serve the passengers beverages and assists peoples' requests. In case you have a question or need something during the drive just, like in airplanes, push on the red light on your seats' top or call the hostess with your hand. Some companies also do have one additional staff that takes care of the luggage.

Tell the Hostess where you want to get out and ask the transportation possibilities to the center so that he/she could assist you. After your luggage is taken out from the bottom just check the available service bus that takes you to the center. The driver of the service bus would help you with your luggage to be placed in the vehicle and just tell him your final location so that he could assist you to get out at the nearest point of your destination.

If you like to travel in Turkey just by bus please visit all tour options in


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